At Aspirion Wealth, we offer personalised financial advice delivered in plain English with a focus on what is really important to you.

How We Do It

Our advice process consists of three steps… ‘Getting to know you’, ‘Where are you now’ and‘What should you do’.
‘Getting to know you’ always starts with an initial complimentary meeting.

This gives us the opportunity to understand your needs, and also gives you the opportunity to understand the services we are able to offer and how we may be able to help.

Stage 1
‘Where are you now’ is our opportunity to analyse your current position.

This involves gathering any information about your current position and carrying out audits of any existing plans that you have which may go towards meeting your financial goals. It then involves us reporting back to you on these plans and making you aware of additional information on these which you may not have been aware of. For example, guarantees held or product costs that may not be immediately obvious to you on your regular statements. We will also carry out an assessment of your attitude to risk and capacity for loss at this stage.

Stage 2
‘What should you do’ is where we provide a recommendation which we feel is most appropriate for you.

We use the information gathered from the previous two steps to provide advice as to the most suitable solution considering your attitude towards risk, your goals and objectives, and your current circumstances. We will also consider your tax position and recommend a solution that we believe to be the most tax-efficient whilst meeting your needs.

This advice will be presented in the form of a Suitability Report which will detail our recommendation along with the reasons for this recommendation, and may also include cash flow modeling to assess how this recommendation may meet your future financial needs and what impact potential key events may have on your plans.

We will then implement any agreed recommendations on your behalf and liaise with the product providers in order to put this in place.

Stage 3

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Ongoing Service

Following this, we are then able to offer an ongoing service whereby we ensure the course which you set off on originally is still the course you are on, or if you want to change course to a new destination you are now navigating towards this instead. You don’t want to set off towards Disneyland in Florida and end up in the middle of Times Square in New York!

Sometimes this involves conversations – we may have to tell you that you can’t afford to retire at age 60 on the income you want and that you need to either pay in more money, change your expectations, or retire a bit later for example. However, our job is to advise you using the expertise and knowledge that we have, and not to simply always tell you what you want to hear.

Our clients find that this ongoing service adds real value as it allows them to focus their mind on their goals, taking account of expert advice, and the ability to use us as a ‘sounding board’. It also allows them to take advantage of any opportunities which may be available to them which they may not have been aware of themselves, or may not fully understand or appreciate.

At Aspirion Wealth, we offer personalised financial advice delivered in plain English with a focus on what is really important to you.
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